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Deepening and Extending Inclusion

Mobile and electronic financial solutions have begun to expand beyond transfers and payments to provide a suite of financial services that are driving financial inclusion across Sub-Saharan Africa. Although mobile money (mMoney) is expanding slowly, it has already created significant opportunities for eCommerce and other online transactions. Examples in Ghana and Kenya highlight the potential of the Internet to drive access to a full range of financial services, including insurance, credit and savings for individuals and businesses. Meanwhile, the growth of solutions such as Pagatech and Pesapal illustrate the opportunities for mMoney to drive eCommerce for a broader base of the population. To realise the full potential of Internet-enabled solutions that will drive financial inclusion, policymakers must ensure that eCommerce and mMoney policies converge and create enough space to allow for innovation while protecting consumers.

Impact intensity and potential of internet-enabled services focused on financial inclusion

Finance Scorecard

Mobile and internet-enabled solutions are driving financial inclusion by improving operational efficiencies and extending a full suite of financial services – payments, credit, savings, insurance, to both individuals & businesses


Information management


Communications, awareness, marketing


Supply chain management


Service delivery




workforce development





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High High

Heat mapping based on perceived sector need, perceived
national need and of current activity in the country.

Dalberg report sector intensity
Information access

More than 60% of financial organisations surveyed view the internet as essential, the second highest response out of all industries. Digitising claims processing for Kenya's National Health Insurance Fund has helped lower administrative costs by nearly 30%

Operational efficiency gains
Claims processing 6x faster
Transaction data

Kopo Kopo enables businesses to aggregate and manage transaction data from multiple mobile money acounts.

Information access

With 56.3M registered accounts across east and west africa, mMoney is starting to create opportunities for eCommerce through solutions such as PesaPal which allows merchants to receive payments via mobile money. OzinboPay enables merchants in West Africa to receive and make payments online and offline via mobile money.

Dalberg report selected analysis
  • To enable the success of mMoney and eCommerce, governments must not only create legal frameworks for mobile money operators, but also guide banks on integrating mMoney and eCommerce into existing technology systems.
  • Policymakers should promote digitisation and strengthening of citizen identification systems in order to enable the delivery of a broader range of social and commercial services.
  • Public and private sector actors must continuously emphasise connectivity to promote the competitiveness of the ancillary delivery and transport services necessary to foster thriving online commerce.
Source: Dalberg analysis and interviews
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